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Explore vibrant landscapes and lush gardens, uncovering the fascinating histories of fruits and plants.

Zipline Tour

For thrill-seekers, our zipline tour offers an exhilarating way to explore the park from a unique perspective.


For those craving an unforgettable night immersed in nature's embrace, our cabins offer the perfect escape.

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Hagia Sofia Huatulco

Immerse in breathtaking landscapes and create unforgettable memories at Hagia Sofia

Our Native Fruits


Malaysia's spiky treasure, rambutan, thrives in Hagia Sofia's 2,000-tree orchard. First introduced to Oaxaca by us, this "hairy lichi" boasts a sweet, grape-like flesh under its vibrant shell. Experience this exotic wonder.


Native to South East Asia, Hagia Sofia grows a breathtaking 500 mangosteen trees, making us the first to introduce this exotic delight to Mexico.

Guadua Bamboo

Hagia Sofia were first to introduce this bamboo in the zone, this is the main bamboo used for construction, we have 1,000 plants

For those of you looking for organic fruit in Huatulco, come and say hi to us at the farmers market! We sell healthy organic fruits from our farm for locals and tourists to buy.

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