Discovering the Hidden Gem of Huatulco: A Tour Through Hagia Sofia Eco Preserve


Nestled approximately 40 minutes into the mountains from the core of Huatulco, the Hagia Sofia Eco Preserve stands as a testament to the natural wonders and sustainable practices that make this destination truly unique. In this article, we will take you on a virtual tour of this agro-ecological wonderland, exploring the lush gardens, riverside hammocks, exotic fruit orchards, and a waterfall that awaits those seeking an immersive eco-tour experience.

Slice of Heaven in Huatulco:

Hagia Sofia, pronounced [Ahia Sophia], has earned its reputation as a “Slice of Heaven” in Huatulco. Visitors describe it as an agro-ecological paradise, offering a humbling sense of the meticulous work invested in preserving this haven. A guided tour through the gardens introduces you to over 60 varieties of organically grown floral plants, each marked for your benefit.

Riverside Bliss in Hammocks:

One of the highlights of the Hagia Sofia experience is the riverside hammocks. Picture yourself rocking gently in hammocks strung from trees by the river, a blissful experience offered by Rodrigo, the visionary behind this eco-preserve. These hammocks, complete with pull-strings for a personalized rocking experience, provide the perfect spot to unwind amid nature’s tranquility.

The river lazily trickles by as you relax, and Rodrigo’s thoughtful provision of fresh, chilled juice-water adds a refreshing touch. Imagine lying back, tugging on the strings, sipping on mango and lime-infused water sweetened with honey, all sourced from the local orchard – a true taste of paradise.

Orchard Views and Organic Delights:

As you stroll through the orchards, Rodrigo proudly showcases a diverse array of fruit trees, from papayas and avocados to pineapples. The scattered arrangement of trees, a departure from conventional rows, reflects a commitment to organic, sustainable farming. With local Zapotec farmers, adds a unique touch to the Hagia Sofia experience.

The orchard views and the sight of pineapples ready for picking create a vivid image of the agricultural richness that defines Hagia Sofia.

Refreshing Waterfall Retreat:

A refreshing stop awaits at a beautiful waterfall along the river. Armando’s truck takes you to this hidden gem where you can cool off and enjoy a natural massage from the rushing water. The proximity to changing rooms ensures a comfortable transition for those eager to take a plunge.

Oaxacan Feast Under the Canopy:

Back at the eco-preserve, Rodrigo’s chef Blanca prepares a feast for guests in an outdoor kitchen under a palapa in the woods. The Oaxacan brunch features a variety of exotic fruits, including the surprising sweetness of “apple bananas.” The outdoor dining area, crafted from tree trunks, adds a rustic charm to the dining experience.

To one side, a spread of exotic fruits, each labeled in Spanish and English, invites guests to indulge in the flavors of the region. From kumquats to the tiny, sweet “apple bananas,” every bite is a journey into the unique and delicious offerings of Oaxacan cuisine.

Ceiba Tree Embrace:

The tour concludes with a visit to the grand Ceiba tree, an ancient wonder covered with spikes. Rodrigo’s embrace of this massive tree highlights its impressive size and age. The Ceiba tree serves as a symbolic connection to nature, offering a fitting end to a day spent in the midst of ecological wonders.

When young, these trees are covered with thorns, making them difficult to climb. However, as they age, they become more huggable, symbolizing the growth and transformation that echoes throughout Hagia Sofia.

The Journey Continues:

As you leave Hagia Sofia, the memories of scenic beauty, tropical plants, and insightful conversations with Rodrigo linger. Whether it’s the hammocks by the river, the orchard views, or the Oaxacan feast, the eco-preserve leaves a lasting impression, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking a unique and immersive experience in Huatulco.

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